Company Information

Hotchkiss Engineers Workshop Aerial View
John D Hotchkiss engineers Limited was formed in 1945 from the original engineering business established by John Hotchkiss in 1938. 

The Hotchkiss group consists of two engineering companies located in Kent; John D Hotchkiss Engineers Limited and Westwell Developments Limited

These companies provide a complete service to our customers from on-site labour to workshop based heavy engineering services and projects. Westwell Developments Limited was formed in 1980 to carry out the in-situ and on-site labour side of the Hotchkiss business.  

It now provides an efficient and very reliable response for insitu plant repairs both in the UK and overseas.

John D Hotchkiss Limited carries out general heavy engineering services.  These services include special machine manufacture and CNC engineering, all located at the Company's West Kingsdown machine shop.

Two 30 Tonne cranes at the John D Hotchkiss Ltd workshop lifting a drying cylinder.

The company specialises in all types of heavy engineering, roll design, manufacture and repair.

While the Cable and Paper industries account for a large part of the company's business, numerous other manufacturing sectors such as Metal reclamation, Chemical, Mining, Cement, Printing, Shipping and Food industries call upon us for repair or refurbishment of their plant.

John D Hotchkiss Engineers Limited also designs and manufactures special purpose machine tools fitted with in house developed software which runs on PC based CNC control systems for Roll Grinding and Roll Grooving.

Customer Focus:

The company's main objectives are to satisfy our customers through extremely high quality craftsmanship and efficient service, we achieve this by:

  • Knowledge of the industry sectors
  • Vast engineering experience
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • An up to date range of tools and equipment
  • Rapid response for advice and assistance
  • Reputation for quality and reliability
  • Provision of a effective and efficient consultancy service, supplying help and assistance to each and every one of our customers 

We pride ourselves on the good relationships we have with our customers and welcome their feedback at all times. It is this commitment to customer care and our unrivalled engineering expertise that makes John D Hotchkiss so unique.


In 1938 John Hotchkiss started his own engineering business with only £75 capital, he purchased a lathe, rented part of a blacksmith’s forge and began making parts for military fighting vehicles. The business prospered and was incorporated in 1945 to form John D Hotchkiss Limited .

The company relocated to its present site at West Kingsdown in 1947, specialising in a wider and heavier range of heavy engineering to service the Cable, Paper, Cement, Coal, Steel and Shipping industries.

In the 1940's and 50's came several examples of the Hotchkiss inventiveness, the most notable being the Portable rotary lathe (Patent numbers 913214 and 1130953).

This device was used for accurately machining bearing journals on a large rotating plant. This system (together with the insitu Boring, Grinding and keyway cutting techniques already employed) pioneered insitu engineering. These developments propelled Hotchkiss from a well established and respected local business, to a global company.

Today, the company continues to tackle engineering problems using the knowledge and skills passed through the generations, using all the inventive flair that is synonymous with the Hotchkiss name.